Copy That Outshines: Tips to Stimulate your Buyers into Action

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Copywriting is not about fitting high-density keywords into simple text and turning it into a sleazy sales spiel. Good sales copy has a natural appeal that incites and converts your buyers, even if they have been randomly visiting your site. Here are tricks that every content writer should keep up in their sleeves. 

Develop a Persona (Do your Research)

 First things first: You need to know who you are writing for and how to narrow it down precisely. For any product or service, you need to conduct in-depth customer research. Where will you find your target market? Look into social media platforms or search on YouTube. 

 Focus on this crucial question: Can your solution solve which problems? Niche down those problems, look for people having that problem, tada! You have discovered your buyer’s persona!

Although the buyer persona is a fictional character, it is to understand the needs, wishes, aspirations, and demographic background to sell them better. Why? You cannot sell sports apparel to people who are not interested in sports.

Now how to reach out to your target audience? Once you identify their needs, you can determine the right tone of voice and best communication channels on social media. When talking to mothers about parenting, you need to engage with their Fears & FOMO.

Tell Better Stories 

It’s not a movie sequel, but you need to be a Grandma to your readers; you got it right! Excite their trust with your words, let them relate, connect, use emotional marketing; how? We never used sanitizers so commonly before the pandemic, but since the pandemic, it has become a second habit for anyone to keep a handy bottle with them. 

If you are selling sanitizer for kids, parents can question what if it’s dangerous for their kids, that’s where killer copywriting cuts in, use their fear, what if they do not use sanitizer and get coronavirus, inhaling it would be a minor worry on the list then. 

To level up further, add social proofs like testimonials from other users using your product and how they feel about it. Let them know how you treat your Rock star customers-cute copywriting tricks.

Tell them what they will get, not what they want.

 The first thing to reduce the bounce-back rate is to let the user read what they will get from your copywriting service. Not what type of services you can offer. That’s what we are most careful about at Writersgiant. We are user-centred rather than our policy-focused services. 

People like to hang pictures on walls, but they do not want to go through the drill of full navigation, planning, and working through the complete process; here’s Why our premium writing services, we at Writersgiant focus on what you get from our service and that’s how we exceed customers expectations.

Use Power words to Pepper-Up your Text.

 David Ogilvy, an Advertising tycoon, said if you are trying to persuade people to buy something or get to the action, use their language, the language they think, and the language which speaks to them. Why do we see people waiting in queues for any Next Store to open on their first Sale Day in the morning? Getting everything at 30%, 40%, or 50% off adds value, and they get to buy more in the same budget.

 Yes, we all need to get a free extra refill or free top-up, and that brand becomes our favorite brand for a lifetime.

The words ‘Flat 50% off,’ ‘Guaranteed Results,’ ‘Free Trial‘ results immediately into higher click-through rate. You do not need to add much imagination here; these words are enough to speak for themselves.

Key Takeaway

 You need to win their trust. How? Offer them a free 200-word sample tailored as per their need. Give them the originality and SEO check score. If they like your sample and your efficient service of providing all the details about how unique and engaging the content is, then do not jump on to charge too much. Be intelligent like Walmart, Offer more in less. That’s how we do at Writersgiant; we believe in returning consumers, not one-time purchases.

Smart Copy sticks to users’ minds, Be wise enough to make your first impression the most impactful as there is no such thing as a second impression!

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